Is there anyone you can help?

Julie, 10 years old, is a good reader but struggling with multiplication. Her parents work full time on different schedules.  A tutor would help Julie understand math and help her feel confident and successfull in math class.

Ben fell on the ice and broke his ankle. Ben is 76 years old and lives with is wife, Alice who does not drive and cannot lift heavy items. Ben and Alice need someone to drive Alice to the grocery store, assist in getting groceries into the car and back home into their house.

Mac loves his dog, Rory. Mac has to take a business trip to Canada and will be gone for 5 days. Rory is getting old and does not do well in a kennel. Mac needs someone to either care of Rory in their home or come to the house 4 times/day to feed Rory, take him outside, and play with Rory.

Maddie, age 8, loves to sing and has always wanted to play the old piano left to her by her grandmother, but the budget does not allow for music lessons. Jenny would would bloom with music lessons.

Just married, Zoie and James know that they should eat healthier meals. They admit they are not 'great' at preparing food. They are looking for a mentor to suggest and help plan a menu, and teach healthy baking such as making healthy muffins, their favorite 'take to work' breakfast. 

Chrissy loves being a mom to Jack. Jack's birthday is next month and they are planning a party. Jack wants a cake that looks like 'Lightening McQueen' but Chrissy has no idea how to make a car cake and is looking for a person who an do this for her son's party.

Tom has been receiving dialysis at home, but now needs to go into the clinic every other day for these treatments. Tom lives in Southern Door and with his health failing, needs someone to transport him into Sturgeon Bay for treatments, and then back home after treatments.

Cindy is excited about her daughter's pregnancy and birth of first grandchild. Cindy wants a gift crafted by hand; a knit quilt like the one she used for her daughter when she was born. She is looking for someone to duplicate the knit quilt as a special gift to her daughter and baby.


We are all partners in our community, we all have something to contribute.