New Member Screening - All prospective members must complete the online “Join Now” form which includes two current references, or the paper copy of the same form. After it is submitted you will receive the Membership Agreement Form. The form needs to be reviewed, signed, and mailed in with your annual membership fee ($12). References will be contacted either by email or phone (depending on the contact method provided).

Background Checks - Initial background checks will be made on all individual applicants using WCCA (Wisconsin Circuit Court Access). Additional WCCA inquiries may be requested at any time for any reason by staff or members. References and background checks are reviewed. Individuals with criminal records will not necessarily be denied entry into Time Exchange of Door County; program acceptance will be determined case by case. Community members who are determined to present risks because of past criminal behavior(s) will be denied membership or limited in their participation.

Your references may be shared with other members upon request. Members calling the office to request references will be given contact information to follow up with references.

Program Orientation - We ask that all prospective new members attend a program orientation. Youth members under the age of 18 attend orientation with a custodial parent/guardian. Group or Individual orientations may be held. Orientation will be scheduled with one of our Time Exchange Coordinators after background checks have been completed.

At orientation, member candidates learn more about how the Time Exchange works. The member handbook will be reviewed along with program expectations and transaction reporting tools. New members will have the opportunity to meet other new members. We would like all members to be photographed for a Community Exchange identification badge which will confirm membership in the Time Exchange of Door County.

New members receive one Time Credit for attending orientation and one Time Credit for completing enrollment paperwork. Current members receive two Time Credits for each new member referral. The Time Exchange Coordinator will apply these hours.

Acceptance Into the Program - Applicants are notified of their acceptance status after all paperwork has been returned and reviewed. Once you are accepted into Time Exchange of Door County, you will receive a welcome email or letter containing:

· Instructions on how to access and navigate hOurworld, Time Exchange of Door County’s web-based software. This software allows members to post offers, requests and to track hours.

· You do not need to earn before you start exchanging. Each new member receives 2 Time Credits in recognition of their efforts to join after their account is activated and earn 1 additional Time Credit for completing their orientation. Any member referring a new member will also receive 2 Time Credits and 1 additional Time Credit if they do the orientation for their referred friend.