How It Works

     Transaction Mechanics

Below you will find steps for transactions.

1.      Reaching Out:  A member, using the Member Directory, calls or e-mails other members to explore a service exchange.

2.      Responding Quickly:  The member contacted replies/responds (yes or no) to the request within 48 hours of the request if possible. (Remember, people do travel!)

3.      Clarifying:  If the member providing the service is able to perform the service, the two members together decide the details of the exchange BEFORE the exchange occurs. All members involved should agree upon time reported. The two members should agree before the service on the details of the service, for example, “I will fix your floor if you drive me to my doctor’s appointments”, is too vague. Make it clear how the floor will be fixed, the time frame to fix the floor, the purchase of the materials to fix the floor, to which doctor appointments the transportation will be provided and when and where.

4.      Moving on:  If the member contacted cannot perform the service, the requesting member moves on to another provider(s) until a match is made.

5.      Exchanging:  The member providing the service performs the service exchange within the agreed upon time.

6.      Reporting:  It is the responsibility of the provider to report the hours of service given to another member (although the receiver of the service can report the transaction as long as both/all members agree on this, so that both members do not report the transaction).

It is important for members to report time quickly. Report your hours using hOurworld software ( or contact the program coordinator - 920-495-6902. Transactions reported over the phone must contain five items: Provider’s Name, Receiver’s Name, Description of Service, Date of Service, Length of Service.

Service Exchange Reporting

Reporting your hours is extremely important to the success of Time Exchange of Door County and the empowerment of members.

Hours must be reported within 60 days of the service.

Examples Of Exchange Reporting

One-on-One Exchanges

Example: Anne arranges for Bill to mow her lawn for approximately one hour using her mower and gasoline. Bill performs the service for one hour and ten minutes. This is reported as follows:

Bill earns 1¼ hours from Anne’s account. To report this transaction online, Bill would:

·               Log in to his hOurworld account:

·               Click on Hours

·               Select “I Provided this Service”

·               Enter the number of hours: 1.25

·               Select the exchange date: 8/4/15

·               The number of members you assisted; 1

·               Select the category AND service: Garden/Yard and Lawn Mowing

·               Leave a comment (if you desire)

 Group Projects

Example:  Four members (A, B, C, and D) work in Ramona’s garden for two hours each.

Members A, B, C, and D each earn two hours from Ramona.  Ramona pays out a total of eight Time Credits.

 Transportation of More than One Member

Example:  Adrian transports members A and B to and from a Community Exchange picnic for a total time of one hour.  Also see “Transportation” on page 21.  A and B will pay ½ hour each for the trip. 

 Travel to and from Exchanges

Travel time to and from exchanges, if 15 minutes or more round trip, should be tacked on to the service time.  Karen drove 15 minutes, round-trip to get to Jean’s home.  She spent an hour helping Jean organize a closet.  Karen should receive 1.25 credits in her time bank.


Includes member-sponsored events such as potlucks, picnics, or other Time Exchange of Door County events, and non-Time Exchange of Door County events such as fundraisers.

Example:  Seventy-five members attend the Community Exchange Spring member meeting.  The event lasts three hours.

Four members arrive one hour early to help set up and three members stay ½ hour late to clean up.

·               The four members arriving early earn one hour each from the Time Exchange of Door County Bank. 

·               The three members staying late earn an additional ½ hour from the Time Exchange of Door County. 

 Even Exchanges

When participating in companionship exchanges, meetings, cluster events, or social events, you neither gain nor lose Time Credits. Community Exchange members report the hours to show the amount of companionship/socialization occurring among members. You may hear this referred to as an “even exchange.”

 Time Earned in Leadership Roles

 Members serve in various leadership roles including orientation leaders, program ambassadors, welcome committee members, member exchange coordinators, cluster leaders, cluster advisory committee members, and special event coordinators/planners. Call the office at 920-495-6902 for instructions on how to report specific leadership hours.